Austrian Alps

On Sunday morning Dad and I left Munich for the day and drove to ski on a glacier in Austria. Stubaier Gletscher is a ski resort in northern Austria, Tyrol, a bit south of Innsbruck. The drive was long, about two and a half hour, but it was beautiful and definitely worth the trip! You always have to work harder to get the spectacular views that we got. So about a half hour past Innsbruck there is a one way winding road with mountains, forests and waterfalls that leads up to the base of the mountain.

Yes I literally took this from the car.

Stubaier Gletscher is a resort with about 40 trails and 25 lifts. It wasn’t too crowded, it seemed like some local families were out to ski for a couple hours. The conditions weren’t ideal, it was a bit icy in some parts of the trails, but there was enough snow to ski happily for Dad and me!


After getting lift tickets we took the Gamsgarten lift up to rent boots and skis. Everyone was super friendly and attentive. Then we went even higher up to the summit, called Schaefelspitze. We walked up some stairs to a 360° view deck, and boy was it amazing! At the highest point in Tyrol Austria, you are above the clouds surrounded by stunning, rocky, jagged mountains.


It was a pretty warm, sunny day afternoon, so we had a couple great runs and then ate our lunch outside the lodge in the sun. After a couple more runs it was already time to call it a day and return our skis. But we had so much fun and now I’m able to check off “skiing in Europe” from my bucket list!

We had such a great day in these not-so-great conditions, so I can’t even imagine the quality of skiing at the resort with ideal conditions. It makes me want to go ski in other spots in Europe! The mountain closes pretty early around 4 PM, so by around that time we were heading back to the car to drive up to Innsbruck for dinner.


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