“Bienvenida pelirroja”

For those of you who don’t speak any Spanish (that means you mom and dad) I thought that it may be useful for me to explain the title of my blog. Upon arriving at the airport in Madrid, I scrambled to find my luggage and exchange money. I took an Uber to my hostel (which was an excellent decision considering that my two bags weighed more than half of my body weight). Once I arrived in the hostel, the first thing that someone said to me was… “¡Bienvenida pelirroja!” welcoming me to Madrid. In English that would technically mean “Welcome redhead!”. So I thought it was pretty funny! And needless to say, I felt very at home at the hostel for the week.logomakr_01dpnl


3 thoughts on ““Bienvenida pelirroja”

  1. Absolute delightful Mady you had me really laughing as I could picture it all even the sardines as well as ham. Pop says that ham here can cost 50. A lb. but so delicious. Xoxo


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